New paper

24.09.20 08:35 AM By Dimitris Pinotsis - Comment(s)

New paper in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods.


  • Combinations of compartmental and mean field models needed in the Big Data era.
  • Mathematical proof of a multiscale approach for explaining M/EEG data.
  • M/EEG data can reveal laminar differences in neural dynamics.


    In the e...

    Videos of CNS*2020 Workshop available online

    13.08.20 06:57 AM By Dimitris Pinotsis - Comment(s)

    Videos of f our CNS*2020 Workshop on Information Theory are uploaded on YouTube and free for everyone by clicking here .

    CNS*2020 Workshop organized by our Lab and others

    19.07.20 05:07 PM By Dimitris Pinotsis - Comment(s)

    Together with Miller Lab at MIT and Gallistel Lab at Rutgers we organize a workshop of Information theoretic models in psychology and neuroscience. This is part of CNS*2020 .

    Tuesday 21st July: 09:30 - 13:55 ET / 15:30 - 19:55 CET

    Wednesday 22nd July: 09:00 - 13:55 ET / 15:00 - 19:55 CET

    Speakers inc...

    New paper

    20.06.20 02:31 PM By Dimitris Pinotsis - Comment(s)

    Our paperThalamocortical inhibitory dynamics support conscious perception has just been accepted for publication in NeuroImage . Abstract below:

    Whether thalamocortical interactions play a decisive role in conscious perception remains an open question. We presented rapid red/green color flickering s...

    New Lab Grant

    22.01.20 08:08 PM By Dimitris Pinotsis - Comment(s)

    We have been awarded a grant to work for the UK- Canada Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative. This is a collaboration with colleagues from UCL, Kings, Toronto, Ottawa and McGill that will build computational psychiatry tools using state of the art machine learning algorithms.

    Our goal is to come ...