• Brain Pathology

    Our goal is to combine mathematical models with brain recordings from patients to understand the origin of neurological diseases and disorders and suggest treatments
  • New Tools For Brain Scans

    We develop computational tools to analyze data obtained using state-of-the-art brain recording techniques
  • Understanding Brain Function

    Deep Neural Networks and Bayesian Brain Theories

    We combine mathematics, computer science and cognitive neuroscience to build and test new theories about how the brain works
  • EEG, Virtual Reality (VR) and Wearables

    We use a high density, active electrode EEG devices, body sensors (wearables) and Virtual Reality (VR) to record brain and body activity from website users, vulnerable  consumers and people with neurological diseases and disorders

Computational Neuroscience, Psychiatry & Neuromarketing

We want to know which mechanisms the human brain uses to understand the world. We build biophysical models and deep neural networks that predict brain imaging data and describe the structure and function of the brain during sensory, memory and decision making paradigms.

 By understanding brain mechanisms in healthy people, we hope we will be able to help patients. 

Also, we hope we will understand consumer choices and product preferences.