Journal publications (pdf files here)

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 D.A Pinotsis* and E.K. Miller, New approaches for studying cortical representations, AAAI Spring Symposium Series Technical Report (2017)

D.A. Pinotsis*, R. Loonis,  A. Bastos,  E.K. Miller and K.J. Friston, Bayesian modelling of induced responses and neuronal rhythms, Brain Topography – Special Issue: Controversies in EEG Source Analysis, doi:10.1007/s10548-016-0526-y (2016) 

Top 5 Most Downloaded Brain Topography Article for 2016

K. J. Friston*, A. M. Bastos, D. A. Pinotsis and V. Litvak, LFP and oscillations – what do they tell us?, Current Opinion in Neurobiology: Brain rhythms and dynamic coordination, 31:1-6 (2015) 

Most Downloaded Current Opinion in Neurobiology Article for 2015

D.A. Pinotsis*, P. Robinson, P. beim Graben and K.J. Friston, Neural Masses and Fields: Modelling the Dynamics of Brain Activity, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, doi:10.3389/fncom.2014.00149 (2014)

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More specialized papers

D.A. Pinotsis*, M. Siegel and E.K. Miller, Sensory processing and categorization in deep and cortical networks, NeuroImage, 202, 116118 (2019)

D.A.Pinotsis*,T.J. Buschman and E.K. Miller, Working memory load modulates neuronal coupling, Cerebral Cortex, (2018) doi:

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Selected mathematical papers

D.A. Pinotsis, Commutative Quaternions, Spectral Analysis and Boundary Value Problems, Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations  57, 9, 953-966 (2012)

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