Journal publications (some pdf files here)

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D.A. Pinotsis* and E.K. Miller, E.K. In vivo ephaptic coupling allows memory network formation.Cerebral Cortex(2023) 1–19

D.A. Pinotsis*, G. Fridman, G., and E.K. Miller. Cytoelectric Coupling: Electric fields sculpt neural activity and “tune” the brain’s infrastructure. Progress in Neurobiology, 226,102465 (2023)

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Top 5 Most Downloaded Brain Topography Article for 2016

K. J. Friston*, A. M. Bastos, D. A. Pinotsis and V. Litvak, LFP and oscillations – what do they tell us?, Current Opinion in Neurobiology: Brain rhythms and dynamic coordination, 31:1-6 (2015) 

Most Downloaded Current Opinion in Neurobiology Article for 2015

D.A. Pinotsis*, P. Robinson, P. beim Graben and K.J. Friston, Neural Masses and Fields: Modelling the Dynamics of Brain Activity, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, doi:10.3389/fncom.2014.00149 (2014)

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More specialized papers

F. Van  de Steen, D. Pinotsis, W. Devos, N. Colenbier, I. Bassez, K. Friston, and  D. Marinazzo, Dynamic causal modelling shows a prominent role of local inhibition in alpha power modulation in higher visual cortex, PLoS Comp. Biol. , 18 , 12 ( 2022)

K. Wegner, C.R.E. Wilson, E. Procyk, K. J. Friston, F. Van de Steen, D. A. Pinotsis and D. Marinazzo, Frontal effective connectivity increases with task

demands and time on task: a DCM study on electrocorticogram in macaque monkeys, Neurons, Behavior, Data analysis, and Theory (to appear)

D.A. Pinotsis, Statistical decision theory and multiscale analyses of human brain data, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 346, 108912 (2020)

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A. Karanasiou* and D. A. Pinotsis, A Study into the Layers of Automated Decision Making: Emergent Normative and Legal Aspects of Deep Learning, International Review of Law, Computers & Technology – Special Issue: Justice in Algorithmic Robes, 31, 170–187 (2017)

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Selected mathematical papers

D.A. Pinotsis, Commutative Quaternions, Spectral Analysis and Boundary Value Problems, Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations  57, 9, 953-966 (2012)

D.A. Pinotsis, Integral Representations of Displacements in Linear Elasticity, Applied Mathematics Letters, 24, 10, 1670-1675 (2011)

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